BsT-pulse provides
Q factor & differential inductance for component

Inductor automatic BH characterization with BsT

Mirco System Specification

Test time

Pulse energy

: µs – ms range;
< 1sec
: up to 3000 A peak
: up to 1000 V peak
: up to 200 J

Full current reversal enables demagnetization curve

Standard approach to characterize
  • Inductive components under load and no selfheating
  • magnetic saturation and Q factor

Applicable for:

  • Inductor design
  • Validation with limit value
  • Quality checks for inductive parts

  • High resolution sample acquisition
  • Precise coil current detection
  • Intuitive user interface for easy operation
  • Software to transform measurements into smart data for inductive component design

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Choke measurement

Inductance evaluation

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