BsT-Pro Analyzer provides
loss map & incremental permeability for material

Fully automatic BH Characterization with BsT system

Test System Specification

Test frequency
Input voltage
Input current
DC bias current

: 10 to 500 kHz
: till +- 400 V p-p
: till +- 16 A p-p
: max. 155°C
: max. 40 A

De facto standard approach according to IEC 62044-3 for:

  • Process control
  • Material research
  • product design
  • Incoming quality inspection

Measurement Features
  • High resolution time domain data acquisition with digital oscilloscope
  • Broadband monitor for current detection
  • Measurement accuracy in a datalog file

Openness provides transparency – transparency and our expertise create trust

JC Sun

Example AC Loops
… biased with DC

BsT-Pro Measurement System

Curious about hardware of BsT-analyzer system?

  • digital oscilloscope with different label like
  • powermeter with different label like, instead of oscillscope is also standard conform,
    LMG serie
  • high quality linear amplifier is important, different label in use

Curious about software ?

  • windows based operation environment
  • MS office,
    ACCESS as database to store the DUT, incl. geometric data, measuring conditions
    EXCEL as output file, incl. datalog describing voltage, current, phasen shift, including all corrections and compensation parameter
Curious about test results with different

U shape


Ferrite P4